Oliver - Year 8 Leaver

Mrs Henry

27th November 2020

1. What is school life like at Tonbridge School?

School life at Tonbridge is very different, to say the least. Despite being one of the largest schools in England, it still feels a lot like Solefield. The lessons are hard, and we get a workout just moving from lesson to lesson, but I couldn’t have picked a better school for me.

2. What is the biggest change moving to secondary school?

For me, going to secondary school is not that big of a change, other than the hours and the prep volume, I think that Solefield has prepared me excellently, but I must say, the sports pitches are massive.

3. What new subjects are you enjoying?

I am currently doing Design Technology, which is a highly advanced IGCSE course that includes making usable household items and studying how we made them. I am also beginning to understand the basics of Spanish, which is probably the most sing-song language that you will ever hear.

4. You played various instruments at Solefield are you continuing with this?

Despite the fact that the day is already packed, I have squeezed in my clarinet lessons and found the time to join the Novi woodwind group. Hopefully when the restrictions ease again, I can resume doing guitar and singing.

5. What do you miss most about Solefield?

I miss a lot of things about Solefield, but mainly the fact that it is a community and world unto itself, and although, arguably so is Tonbridge, you cannot move from world to world very easily.