Team GV

Mrs Glennon-Cousins

14th October 2020

The School Council (the Voice) and our Eco Team (Team G-combined as Team GV) are instrumental in devising new ideas and strategies for the school. Even though Team GV can't meet in person all together, we are still able to collect the boys' ideas and see what positive changes can be made. Here are our wonderful Team GV representatives:

  Eco Council (Green) School Council (The Voice)
1R Austin Charles 
2G Louis  Hugo 
3B Ted  Aryan 
4R Dominic  Jack 
4GP Benjamin  Raphael 
5E Jimmy  Rafael 
5C  Lewis  Benjamin 
6H1 Mish William 
6H2 Ben  Jonathan 
7P Nico  Christopher 
Prefect Leaders
Gabriel  Daniel