Leap into Life

Miss Elphinstone, Head of Charities

9th November 2020

1. What does the Evelina charity and hospital mean to you?
Evelina London mean a lot to me as they saved my life and brought me back to this planet and this school. I love the nurses so much because they cared for me so much and I care for them so much too. The nurses played and danced with me whilst we played music and helped me to feel happy even though I was going through some very tough times.

2. What gave you the idea to sell t-shirts as a way to raise money for Evelina?
I was watching a programme called 'Rich Kids go Skint' and there was a boy who had raised over £1,000,000 in 3 years by selling t-shirts. This got me thinking that perhaps I could do something like this because I love fashion and want to be good at business! Then I realised I had seen lots of adults raise money but not so many children. I thought that I could help Evelina London save more children by raising money for them to use in their hospital.

3. How did you come up with your brand name and logo design?
Leap into Life is my brand name and came into my head because it reminds me of how I leapt back into my life after I got better at Evelina London. When I started designing my logo I wanted to include something to do with sport so I made the letter L look like a person jumping and jumping is a synonym for leaping! I had to do lots of sketches first and then I used a special logo website to help me make my final design. Hopefully you love it and it reminds you to leap into any opportunity you get given.

4. When did you start selling t-shirts?
I started selling t-shirts during the summer holidays in August!

5. Tell us about how sales have been going and any new t-shirts, such as adults, t-shirt styles.
My t-shirts have been selling very well, and I have sold some to people from my school and some have even gone to America! I love it when people send me photos of them wearing them. The children’s t-shirts have been the most popular, but adults have also been buying them too. Because it is nearly winter, we have added some with longer sleeves now so that people stay warm.

To find out more about Leap into Life, visit Kasten's website here: www.leapintolife.co.uk