Year 8 Leaver

Mrs Henry

30th September 2020

Eddie – Previous Head Boy 

What is school life like at Sevenoaks School?

The school is bigger and the work is harder. The teachers are welcoming and I am learning a lot. The lessons are really enjoyable because you can tell that the teachers love teaching the subjects. Apart from the academic life at school there are many opportunities for me to take part in clubs and sport competitively or casually. I am starting to make new friends but I am still keeping in touch daily with some of my Solefield friends too.

What has been the biggest change moving to senior school?

Definitely the amount of work. I have almost a double amount of homework than what I used to get at Solefield.

What new subjects are you enjoying?

Russian and Tech are my only two new subjects and I am enjoying them both.

Are your brothers at Sevenoaks School too?

No, but both of my older brothers were there. Now they are both at Exeter University. James is doing a degree in Criminology and Tom has just started there and is doing Economics.

What do you miss about Solefield?

Small class sizes and the fact that you know everybody at the school. This makes Solefield feel more familiar. Through my time at Solefield the teachers have encouraged me to do my best and I miss the atmosphere in most of the lessons. I also miss playing football at breaktime.