11+ or 13+?

"Solefield’s small friendly atmosphere allowed our child the chance to develop at his own pace." Parent

Solefield is a non-selective school. Nevertheless, our exam results at both 11 and 13 are particularly impressive. We have 100% Common Entrance pass rate and excellent 11+ and ISEB results, along with outstanding scholarship results to senior schools. Over 70% of our Year 8 leavers gained As and A*s in their Common Entrance exams this summer, in spite of the challenging circumstances of the physical school being closed.

At Solefield, our pupils have the freedom to mature as individuals. Parents have the opportunity to watch their child develop and guidance to help them choose the best future school for them.

Many pupils who take the 11+ to grammar decide to stay at Solefield until they are 13 and join independent schools at this age. In recent years, many independent senior schools have introduced their own entrance exams and some offer deferred entry for Year 9 in Year 6. The move away from Common Entrance has presented us with the opportunity to offer our senior pupils a wide-ranging curriculum which will aid them in their future GCSE studies.

Our individualised tracking and regular discussion of each child’s progress mean that no child is ever overlooked. These are combined with our small class sizes, allowing us to understand each pupil very well. Early in Year 5, the Headmistress and Deputy Head meet with each child’s parents individually to discuss their future school options, where they are able to give clear and honest feedback about the best way forward for their child. In addition to this, parents are welcome to meet with the Headmistress at any stage in their child’s learning journey.

Pupils have targeted preparation for English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for exams at 11 and 13. This begins in Year 3 with coding and reasoning quizzes and puzzles and then builds as children work towards the exams. There is a familiarisation afternoon for pupils taking the 11+ and several mock test and feedback sessions for pupils taking the ISEB and Common Entrance exams. We try to ensure that out mock tests are as close to the actual exams in structure as possible to better help pupils to prepare mentally.

The most important thing for us is your child’s happiness and allowing them the space to grow and mature with no pre-conceived ideas. Our children achieve their true potential in a  supportive and nurturing environment, developing into inquisitive young adults with a true love of learning.