Solefield Spirit

“Pupils display an outstanding sense of social responsibility.” ISI Inspection Report 2019 

A golden rule runs through our school community - treat other people as you would like to be treated. Our pupils fully understand that this is what it is to be a “Solefield pupil” and we are always very proud of the well-rounded, courteous, confident, thoroughly decent young adults that move on from Solefield, ready for the next stage of their lives. Our pupils leave us with a “clear sense of right and wrong” and they “demonstrate an excellent understanding of the importance of being kind” (ISI December 2019).  

We have harnessed the pupil voice enormously in making Solefield a kind and gentle community. Our Kindness Awards are presented every week in assembly by the Chair of School Council these are given to pupils ranging from Little Acorns, Reception through to Year 8, nominated by other pupils. Our strong house system gives an opportunity for vertical pastoral meetings and celebration of good behaviour. Our ‘pupil of the class’ award every term, given for decency, honesty and reliability is much coveted.  

Unkindness and ‘banter’ are not tolerated at Solefield with teachers dealing swiftly with these. Inevitably, children will push the boundaries, and on occasion, get things wrong but what is important is issues are clearly talked through and children understand how they can learn from their experiences.

We have nurtured a happy, caring school where kindness is paramount. Pupils and staff are team players and show each other respect and courtesy without regimentation. Parents also contribute to this intangible quality with their enormous support and input into school life. Staff too have been carefully selected to fit the school’s ethos and are extremely hardworking and dedicated. The size of the school means that it genuinely has a family feel where all members of the community know each other. The pupils throughout the school exemplify the qualities of a true Solefield pupil - loyalty, kindness and resilience as reflected in our school values of: ‘Value yourself. Value others. Value our world.’