After Solefield

Christian - Year 8 Leaver

Which school did you move onto after Solefield?

I went to Caterham School.

What is school life like at Caterham?

It's very different, there's a huge variety of extra-curricular activities which all students can get involved in, such as CCf (Combined Cadet Force), as well as more lesson choices ahead of the upcoming GCSE curriculum.

What was the biggest change moving to senior school?

Moving into a co-ed school was definitely a big change. The school is obviously much larger than Solefield too.

What new subjects are you enjoying at Caterham?

I'm doing Business Studies and Italian, I'm really enjoying learning a new language. I've also continued with French and Latin.

Do you have any abiding memories of Solefield School?

Sports days were always a highlight of my year, I think that was a joint opinion which lots of people in my year shared. The end of year trips were good, especially the Y6 one to France but the best trip of all was the football tour to Milan.

Is there anything you miss about Solefield?

I miss Mrs Alteirac's French lessons and the Solefield football season.


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