James - Year 8 Leaver, Academic Scholar

5th February 2021

After you left Solefield, what school did you move onto?

I left Solefield to go onto Tonbridge School, having received an Academic Scholarship.

What subjects did you enjoy most at senior school?


What did you study at University?

I did a BSc in Economics at Bristol University.

Do you have any abiding memories of Solefield?

Playing the violin in the Senior School orchestra, being in the senior school musical every Easter....usually playing a girl! I also remember learning to play the guitar with Mr. ConnelI.

What is your current role?

I am a Tax Advisor in Mergers & Aquisitions with Deloitte.

How has being at Solefield influenced your life?

The music teachers fostered my love of all kinds of music and I still play every day to relax.