“Being a prefect at the top of the school gave our son an understanding of the responsibility he had for the welfare of the younger boys.” Parent

We use older pupils as role models unashamedly. The older boys in the school are acutely aware of the influence they have on younger boys, and the responsibility that such influence brings. 

They lead and help in assemblies and with house meetings and run School Council and Team G as well as other clubs. They also work with younger pupils every day as their ‘form monitors’, listening to them read or helping with their work. Year 8 boys undergo training and don armbands at breaktimes to show that younger children can go to them for help if necessary.  As well as the Head Boy and Deputy Head roles, all Year 8 pupils hold important positions at school and play a vital role in the smooth running of different areas – Charities, Whole School Events, Innovation, Wellbeing, Sport, School Council, Team G, Music, Playground, ICT to name but a few. Pupils are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the school and are able to initiate changes and make budget requests.

Max, Year 8 Innovation Prefect

What does your role involve?

My role is to help come up with new ideas to help improve the school, including how best to use an area of the school that could be better utilised by all the boys.

What have you done in your Innovation Prefect role so far? 

I have attended meetings with people outside of school about an outdoor learning area for the whole school and investigating the potential of an outdoor classroom. 

I have also met with the Year 8 Head of Team G (our School Council), to gather ideas and thoughts from the whole school on how we can promote the school 

What are you looking forward to throughout this year in your Innovation Prefect role?

I am looking forward to helping improve the school and make it a better learning and friendly place for future years.