“I think it’s really important to take an interest in the world around us.” Harry, Year 7

At Solefield, we feel very strongly about promoting values spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and our three school values, ‘Value yourself. Value others. Value our world.’ These run through everything that we do. Team G (our Eco Council) and School Council are headed up by Year 8 prefects and a representative from each of the form groups. It is important to us that pupils have a voice and a link to both the staff and governors in helping shape what our school’s priorities are.

In addition to this, we use every opportunity to promote these values – theatre visits, assemblies, led by both pupils and staff, lessons, discussions, debates and extra-curricular activities. We also promote them through links with charities, with the local church and gurdwara, form periods, pastoral sessions, drama productions, our biannual Grandparents’ Day and trips and visitors, to name but a few. Solefield pupils understand their duty to act as responsible citizens and a prefect organises charitable initiatives on regional, national and international levels.

We are aware of how these values permeate every aspect of school life; teachers at Solefield are all happy to incorporate them into every class, club and activity. Our values are sent to all staff, parents and governors, and are displayed widely around the school. We explore each one in detail regularly; in particular, valuing our world is represented by our Team G committee which promotes ecological awareness within the school and explores various initiatives. Pupils initiated fundraising and designed a sensory garden for all the pupils and staff to enjoy.