Inspection Reports

"The focus on pupils’ well-being promotes pupils to be happy and have a sense of self-worth. Pupils learn to understand their emotions and are well-supported."  ISI Inspection Report, February 2024

We are delighted to share our Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection, which took place at Solefield 27th - 29th February 2024.

We are very proud to say that we met all standards, the highest grades possible under the new reporting framework, and the report is full of many positive and pleasing comments, as well as useful recommendations for the future. The full 2024 Inspection Report can be viewed here. Please also find below a selection of salient points:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

1. Leaders prioritise the mental health and emotional well-being of pupils.
2. The focus on pupils’ well-being promotes pupils to be happy and have a sense of self-worth. Pupils learn to understand their emotions and are well-supported.
3. Pupils gain a greater understanding of themselves and their individuality, as well as developing positive attitudes towards themselves and others.
4. Starting in the early years, leaders have effectively implemented a social emotional curriculum that teaches children how to self-regulate and understand their emotions. This continues throughout the school.


5. Pupils develop skills for lifelong learning.
6. Teachers demonstrate secure subject knowledge and effectively cultivate a positive and inclusive classroom environment.
7. Pupils acquire knowledge and make progress, unafraid of making mistakes.
8. Pupils are articulate communicators and speak confidently, expressing their views clearly.
9. They develop collaborative skills and independence.
10. Pupils are well-prepared for the next stage of education, including moving to their senior school.
11. Older pupils speak confidently in different contexts, have well-developed literacy skills, and effectively employ a variety of linguistic techniques in their writing.


12. Pupils behave well and understand the effect their actions may have on others.
13. Staff expect older pupils to set a good example for others and they fulfil this expectation.
14. Pupils demonstrate politeness and thoughtfulness and confidently engage with adults.
15. Pupils demonstrate an understanding of right and wrong and recognise the importance of adhering to rules and guidelines, contributing to a positive and respectful school environment where pupils feel safe and valued.
16. Kindness is seen as important.
17. Pupils’ behaviour aligns with the school's core values of valuing oneself and others.


18. There is a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme which is valued by both pupils and parents.
19. The wide range of team and individual sports offered enables pupils to find a sporting activity that suits them.
20. Pupils developed their personal health and physical education through an effective physical education and games program delivered by specialist staff.
Relationships with staff
21. Pupils feel well-supported by adults who know them personally and actively encourage their participation in school activities.
22. Supportive relationships between class teachers and pupils are nurtured from a young age.
23. Teachers build strong connections with pupils throughout the school.
24. Leaders... place much emphasis on mutual respect and the individuality of all pupils.
25. School ethos of inclusion for all.

Pupil voice

26. Pupils... feel that their voices are both heard and valued.
27. A collaborative and inclusive school environment where pupil voices are heard and respected.
28. The importance of inclusivity and upholding British values are recognised throughout the school.
29. The active Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee organise events to raise awareness of diversity, which promote mutual respect and celebrate the individuality of all people.


30. Pupils are actively engaged in activities that foster their understanding of the world beyond the school, reflecting their aim to value the world.
31. Through initiatives led by the charity committee, pupils participate and are successful in fundraising for both regional and national charities.
32. School leaders facilitate meaningful interactions with the local community.

Whilst it is wonderful to receive so much positive feedback, we are, as always, reflective of what we as a school could do better. We strive to ensure that pupil focus remains consistent at all times; the three recommendations given by ISI are ones which we are enacting upon, and which will help us to become a better school.

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At Solefield, our pupils develop integrity, innovation and independence. I thank all the pupils, staff and governors here at Solefield for all that they do to make our school such a happy and successful place.

Mrs Helen McClure