Inspection Reports

"Pupils are eoncouraged effectively to celebrate their differences....There is a clear vision for the future development of the school."  ISI Inspection Report, November 2023

Please click here to view our latest successful ISI Material Change Inspection Report, November 2023.

We are delighted to share our latest inspection report regarding our material change that took place on 23rd November 2023. The inspection focused on girls joining the school up to and including Year 3 from January 2024.

The standards in the inspection can only be 'met' or 'unmet'. As you will see, the inspection found all standards at Solefield 'met' and commented that the leadership of the school had a clear vision for the future as well as pupils feeling safe at school and knowing that staff will always listen to them. The report also notes that school leaders actively encourage respect for those with protected characteristics and that the wellbeing of pupils is promoted by leaders and governors.

My thanks to all staff and pupils involved in this very positive outcome.

Inspection Reports 

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At Solefield, our pupils develop integrity, innovation and independence. 

Mrs Helen McClure