Holiday Camps

"The Solefield Holiday Camps are so popular among the parents. Thank you for this brilliant initiative!" Parent Form Rep

Our Solefield Summer Holiday Camps options are below. We will be running two sets of camps, both running for two weeks.

July camps: Will run from 11th to 22nd July.

August camps: Will run from 22nd August to 2nd September.

Cost: Full day camps are £40 per day (9am-4pm). Half day camps are £20 (9am-12pm or 1-4pm). There is no extra charge for the lunch hour 12-1pm for those parents that opt to do two half day camps. 

1. Fun Zone (Multi Activity Camp) runs from 9am-4pm on each day of the camps for years 1-6.

Fun Zone has a range of activities on offer. 

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2. Little Acorns Camp for ages 3-5 runs from 9am-4pm on each day of the camps.

Here our expert team encourage the children to take on varying activities and crafts and engage through play.

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3. Chess Camp for Years 2-8 runs from 9am-12pm on 11-15th July (max 18 children per day) 

Here children will be starting with mini games looking at how to think tactically with limited pieces. Each day there will be some time for free play and informal tournament. We will work with chess apps on the interactive board and iPads to keep play fresh and challenging. 

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4. Computing Camp for years 3-8 and runs from 1pm-4pm on 11th–15th July (max 18 children per day) 

Children will explore many concepts within ICT such as game design, coding and 3D software through collaborative project work. We will be using web based applications as well as Minecraft Education, Kodu and Scratch. 

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5. Creative Arts Camp for years 3-8 and runs from 9am -4pm on 11th–15th July 

This camp will explore different types of creative art forms such as drama & movement, filmmaking, photography, mark-making and music. Each day will fully explore one of these art forms in a mini project! 

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6. Art Camp for years 3-8 and runs from 9am-4pm on 11th–15th July

There will be a chance to have fun and create a variety of artworks using different materials. Children will create paintings, draw with pencils, pastels and charcoal, make prints, experiment with photography and build pots with clay. Each day will focus on different themes and materials.  

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7. Strike Sports Camp for children in Years 3-8. This will run from 1pm-4pm on 18th-22nd July and 30th August-2nd September 

After the huge interest shown in our the previous camp Mr Henry returns with his Strike Sports Camp.  

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8. Young Enterprise Camp for Years 3-8 and runs from 9am-12pm on 18-22nd July (max 18 children per day)

Young Enterprise Camp is a mini based project which aims to inspire primary age children to actively learn, develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills.

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9. Junior Crafts Camp for R-Year 4 runs from 9am-12pm on 18-19th July & 22nd-23rd August (max 18 children per day)

Here, children will take part in a variety of summer crafting activities. Please come along if you want to practice and show off your creativity. 

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10. Legends’ and Investigators’ Combo Camp runs from 9am-12pm for Years 3-8 on 30th August – 2nd September

Students will explore a variety of myths and legends from Greek mythology to New Zealand Maori legends, through the mediums of storytelling, acting and physical movement. There will also be a chance for the students to create their own legendary characters and act out scenes of their glory. 

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11. Junior Cricket Camp runs from 9am-12pm for Reception to Year 3 on 22nd – 26th August

Students will learn new skills and enjoy a variety of cricket based games. 

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12. Football Camp runs from 9am-12pm for Years 1-8 on 30th August–2nd September

A chance for boys and girls to prepare for the new season and enjoy some challenges and game play. 

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We look forward to seeing you in the Summer Holidays.

Wraparound Care available 7.30am-6pm

Our wraparound care is available during the holiday camps from 7.30am - 6pm at a small extra charge. Please contact Mr Cramp on [email protected] to pre-book this facility. 

Watch the video below to see the fun we had in our last half term camps. 

To read our Holiday Camps blog, click here. For more information, please contact Mr Cramp, our Director of Holiday Camps on [email protected]