Skills for Life

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice of school and seeing what great things it is doing for our son. We feel very lucky to have found such a special place.” Parent

At Solefield, we ensure all pupils develop both soft and ‘sharp’ skills. We prepare pupils for their future lives, not just to pass exams. Solefield pupils learn to collaborate, listen, take turns and speak in public from a very young age. They learn to think critically and question. Thinking skills and PPE lessons (Philosophy, Politics and Ethics) run throughout our curriculum for children as young as 7. Our Scholarship Path Programme, Solefield Diploma and excellent debating provision also ensure that children hone their ability to reason, enquire and deduce.  They leave us with a wide array of skills for life; critical thinking, self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills are instilled in all our pupils and crucial to their success ahead.  

All our pupils in Year 7 & 8 spend two years completing our Solefield School Diploma. Here is a list of all the skills our pupils need to show by the time they leave us. These must be evidenced by the pupils and signed off by teachers. 

  1. Independent learning 
  2. Leadership (meeting, assembly, teaching a lesson) 
  3. Creativity through Music, Art, Drama, ICT, writing an article for the Acorn or similar 
  4. Social responsibility (ie charity work, commitments outside of school) 
  5. Collaboration 
  6. Self-awareness (reflection, target-setting) 
  7. Life skills (ie cookery, First Aid) 
  8. Awareness of careers and the world of work 
  9. International understanding 
  10. Academic excellence (progress or achievement)

We are also members of the National Association for Able Children in Education.