"I have lots of friends and I am very happy at school" Charlie, Year 2    

Starting at Solefield

Children usually join Solefield in September at the start of the academic year, with the main entry years being Little Acorns (3-4), Reception (4-5), Year 3 (7-8) and Year 7 (11-12).  However, children can join us at other times and into other year groups if we have places available. 

​We have limited availability in certain year groups. Please contact our Registrar, Mrs Lindsay Savage either by telephone on 01732 452142 or email [email protected] to register

Visiting the School

Our Registrar, Mrs Savage looks forward to hearing from prospective parents either by telephone on 01732 452142 or email [email protected]. She will be delighted to discuss with you any aspect of the enrolment and admissions process for your child.

After an initial discussion regarding availability of places and timing of entry it is usual for parents to visit Solefield, to meet with our Headmistress, Mrs Helen McClure. Please allow one and a half hours for your initial visit, which will include a tour of the school.

Open Events also take place during the school year when parents and children can visit the school. Click here to book your visit.

Reception Class Entry

We offer a maximum of 18 places per year for our Reception Class, which is non-selective subject to our Admissions Policy.  We make provisional offers to those children registered for Reception from the late August of the preceding year. For full details of the steps involved please refer to our Admissions Policy.  

A Reception Information meeting is held in the summer term prior to your child starting school and our Reception teacher meets your child at least once as part of their transition to Reception. Children have the chance to visit and see our newly hatched school ducklings, the Christmas Fayre and the dress rehearsal of the school production. On the day before school starts in September, we hold a tea for all new children to help them feel comfortable about starting at Solefield the next day.

Higher Years Entry

We are pleased to accept applications for Years 1 – 7 (as well as for Year 8 if the Common Entrance syllabus has been studied in Year 7), subject to availability of a place and a taster morning or day (depending on the age of the child). The taster session is a gentle introduction to Solefield, in which your child can experience normal lessons with the current year group. Age appropriate assessments will be incorporated into the taster session and feedback is given to parents at the end of the session, with an immediate indication as to whether we are able to offer a place to your child.


The first step in the admissions process is to register by submitting the completed Registration Form along with a £100 registration fee. The submission should be done as early as possible. 

Confirmation of Application

Approximately twelve months before entry, the school will contact you to confirm your application. To accept a place we ask for a deposit of £500, which is returned, less any disbursements owing, after your child’s final term at the school.

Click on the video below to discover a day in the life of a Solefield pupil. More videos to give you a taste of Solefield, can be accessed here.