Scholarship Pathway

“It’s great to have a dedicated afternoon where I can focus on my Sport Scholarship; I’ve been able to learn about nutrition and how that effects my performance and visit a local gym to understand more about strength and agility.” Daniel, Year 8

All pupils who stay on for Year 7 and 8 follow a scholarship programme of their choosing: Art, Drama, Music, Sport or Academic. This opportunity enables pupils to gain a greater depth of knowledge in their particular field of interest and provides a platform to explore their discipline outside of the classroom. Children are able to further develop skills they will need in life; working collaboratively alongside their peers as well as independently and fostering that continued interest in the world around them. 

Specialist teachers curate a programme of activities and events, which range from sports training, visiting galleries, theatre productions and concert recitals. Small class sizes allow for the programme to be refined dependent on the child’s own skill-set and interest. 

Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their learning at this point and the programme allows them to demonstrate their own individual strengths and complete tasks independently.