Joe - Gap Student. Old Boy, Year 8 Leaver.

9th December 2021

Which school did you move onto after Solefield?

I left Solefield after Year 8 to go to Caterham School

What was the biggest change moving to senior school?

I think the biggest change was the focus on independence at Caterham. We could choose the subjects we wanted and were encouraged to be responsible for ourselves more often.

What subjects did you most enjoy at senior school?

Maths, Physics and French, which I kept working on for A level. Drama was also good fun!

Do you have any abiding memories of Solefield School?

I’ve always kept chamber choir close to my heart, and carried on group singing at Caterham School. The Year 8 gala was also incredible. We also helped set up the school fête and went on a seaside trip. 

One of my favorite memories was on my last day at Solefield, we performed a Star Wars play we all created. We also played as a band and sang 'Counting Stars' by OneRepublic. It was amazing, as well as bittersweet to say goodbye to the school.

Does it feel any different being back at Solefield this time working as a Gap Student?

It was jarring at first to be working on the other side, but I’ve become a lot more comfortable working here with time, and the boys are an absolute wonder to work with. They’re all really kind and polite!