Sam - Year 8 Leaver

22nd January 2021

After you left Solefield, what school did you move onto?

I left Solefield to go onto Tonbridge School.

What subjects did you enjoy most at senior school?

History and Politics.  

What did you study at University?

I did a BA in Ancient History then an MSc in International Relations at Bristol University.

Do you have an abiding memory of Solefield?

I remember some freezing afternoons playing rugby at West Heath. One of my best memories was playing “Squishy Corner” and British bulldog in the playground...before they were banned!

What is your current role?

I am a Financial Advisor in Mergers and Acquisitions with Deloitte.

How has being at Solefield influenced your life?

Some of my closest friends are from my Solefield days. In fact, up until lock-down, I had been flat sharing with two of my classmates from my days at Solefield!