Tom - Year 6 Leaver

14th May 2021

After you left Solefield, what school did you move onto?

I went to Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys (TWGSB).

What is school life like at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys? 

School life has been good at TWGSB. I’ve sort of done my GCSE’s (thanks Covid-19!) and I’ve stayed on at 6th form there, currently in Year 12.

What has been the biggest change moving to senior school?

The biggest change is probably the size of the school compared to Solefield. 

What new subjects are you enjoying at TWGSB?

I enjoyed taking Business and Spanish at GCSE and I’m enjoying doing Business and Politics now for A levels.

Do you have any abiding memories of Solefield School?

An abiding memory for me from Solefield would be the York and France Residential Trips in Year 5 and 6. They were fun!

Is there anything you miss about Solefield?   

I would say I miss the friends I had at Solefield, as a few of them I have lost contact with. However, I have made a lot more friends now at senior school.