Elliot - Year 8 Leaver, Former Head Boy and Academic Scholar

8th July 2021

Which school did you move onto after Solefield?

I went to Caterham School, where I'd received an Academic Scholarship.

What is school life like at Caterham?

It's Solefield on a macroscopic scale due to the number of pupils. The lessons are more academically involving which allows me to explore my subjects in more detail with teachers who are all specialists in their area.

What was the biggest change moving to senior school?

Getting the bus and being driven out of Sevenoaks to get there.

What new subjects are you enjoying at Caterham?

I've just finished my GCSE's (summer assesments!) where I added Computer Science and Philosophy and Theology to the core subjects. I took Astronomy in 4th Year (Y10) as an additional subject at GCSE which I really enjoyed. I'll be doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths at A Level.

Do you have any abiding memories of Solefield School?

I really enjoyed Warhammer club and being voted Head Boy was a surprise and something I found very flattering. The Year 7 trip to Wales was good fun.

Is there anything you miss about Solefield?

I really enjoyed Mr Farmery's science lessons and the camaraderie in Y7 and 8 as the class was smaller and we all knew each other.