Academic Support

At Solefield, the Learning Development Department sits within the heart of the school community, providing support to students and teaching staff alike. Nurturing curiosity and a love of learning is crucial for developing enquiring minds and lifelong learning. In Learning Development, our goal is to work closely with teaching staff and students to support the individual needs of students to enable them to flourish academically and inspire a readiness for learning. 

The Learning Development Department supports students with identified specific learning difficulties and consists of a team of teachers, who offer support through one-to-one and small group work, as well as working with some pupils unobtrusively in class. We recognise that each student needing help has a unique profile of strengths and weaknesses in learning and therefore offer tailored support through consultation with teaching staff and parents. Our aim is to design a teaching programme tailored to suit the individual needs of each student that we teach. Qualified and caring teachers provide help for students with difficulties in any area of the curriculum or support for learning strategies and study skills. We recognise that difficulties may arise at any time, and teachers, parents or the students themselves are able to share any concerns with the Learning Development Department in order to access specialist support.