Pupils are assessed regularly. We measure achievement against national levels using standardised tests but also against our own levels as our pupils are usually in advance of the national average. We try to keep testing as low-key as possible and use it primarily as a tool to ensure that pupils are achieving their maximum progress. In class, pupils are given clear feedback from the teacher on every piece of work, "what went well" (w.w.w.) and "even better if" (e.b.i.) criteria, and are also invited to peer and self-assess regularly, thus developing greater independence in their learning. Classes assess each other’s work very successfully and we also complete this between year groups. Boys in each year group have “Progress Interviews” every term with the Academic Deputy Head. Pupils are encouraged to set their own targets in our “Target Week” at the start of every term and to review these at the end of the term.

At Solefield, we do not only track the achievement of each pupil; we also track the amount of progress he is making to ensure that each and every boy is being supported, encouraged and stimulated to do his very best in all areas. In this way, we are also able to monitor the delivery of our teaching and learning effectively and to ensure that each pupil achieves his potential.