Inventors and Inventions

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

19th January 2021

This term’s Solefield Independent Project is to research inventors and inventions. Can you think of your own invention idea, draw a picture of it and have a go at making it? You could even research a famous inventor and write some facts about him or her and what they invented. It may be that you design one of your own inventions on paper, that might help other people in some way.

You may remember my first assembly (click here to view) where we looked at positives coming out of negative situations and inventions such as the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and 3D printers being used to make PPE. I also talked about Emily Cummins, now a university student, who in her teenage years invented a toothpaste squeezing device for arthritis sufferers and a water-carrying device and solarpowered fridge for use in the Third World.

I look forward to seeing what our boys will come up with.