The importance of playing in the snow

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

11th February 2021

On Monday, we enjoyed a whole school Snow Day. Not only was this a shared experience for the whole school community but it was actually an important learning and wellbeing experience.   

1. Time away from screens 

Recently, all our boys have had far more screen time than they would usually.  This precious and unusual time in the snow has no doubt provided a much-needed change. 

2. Fresh air 

Snow makes us want to leave the house (even if only temporarily!). It is magical and invigorating.  

3. Connecting with nature 

Playing in the park, walking, observing the trees, icicles, animals.......all add to the snowy wonderland. Children and adults alike appreciate the changed beauty of everyday objects and the silence of a snowy landscape. Solefield pupils examined tracks, birds and animals and submitted photos for our clubs.  

4. Caring for others 

Solefield boys were encouraged to fill the bird feeders and to help neighbours, if possible. Even holding a parent’s hand to help steady them or pulling us out of the snow adds to this feeling of responsibility. 

5. Taking risks and overcoming challenges 

Playing in the snow has an important role in a child’s emotional growth. Taking risks and overcoming challenges build self-esteem and self-confidence. Snow play allows children to create and explore a world they can master, overcoming fears, while also learning that there are limits and boundaries. 

6. Social skills and communication 

Through playing in snow with others, children learn valuable everyday life lessons about interacting with others, social norms and independence, all while gaining important relationship-building skills. Undirected play like this allows children to learn how to work in groups, to share, to negotiate and to resolve conflicts. Children develop language and reasoning skills and it encourages autonomous thinking 

7. Opportunity to observe, solve problems and create 

Snow offers so many opportunities to solve problems and get creative. Building igloos and snowmen, making snow angels, learning why sledges are so much easier to move downhill than uphill..... Through playing in the snow, children use their creativity while developing their imagination. 

8. Exercise and gross motor skills 

Sledging, building a snowman or just running through piles of snow work the large muscle groups and give us all plenty of exercise. 

9.  Special family time 

There’s something about being outside in the cold, blustery air, surrounded by fresh, white snow that makes you forget about everything else. Time seems a little slower and the real world seems further away. Memories from this time will last forever. 

10. Fun  

Having fun = laughter which makes it great for your child’s psychological wellbeing. These simple pleasures are a cherished part of childhood. 

Click on the first video below to watch our Solefield Snow Day and the second video of Aryan in Year 3 enjoying his time in the snow.