Tomos Robert visit

Mrs Snow, Head of English

24th March 2021

We were delighted to host Tomos Robert (author of ‘The Great Realisation') for a one-hour author's talk to the boys in Years 4-8. The boys thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tomos' stories of personal experience; comments on writing; and his use of examples using Harry Potter and football. They also learned that even published writers get writer's block - which is reassuring for us all to know. Tomos talked us through his four stages for writing and explained how a great alternative to planning a beginning, middle and end is to use: stable, unstable and then resolved. The highlight of the virtual visit was our boys reading their poems (from our 'Tom Foolery Writing Challenge') to him and hearing some emphatically expressed, descriptive praise. Click here to view a selection of the boys' work created using BookCreator.

Thank you to Mrs Alteirac for contacting Tomos and arranging the Zoom talk.