Outcasts, a poem written by Daniel

Daniel, Year 8

22nd April 2021

By Daniel, Year 8, Solefield School, Sevenoaks

‘Refugium’ is where the word refugee comes from

In Latin, it means to take refuge or asylum

But nowadays the word is more

It’s a status of immigration for the poor

The word has turned into a curse

Spat out of foul mouths. A death bed, a hearse

For any hopes and dreams of refugees

Nurses, cooks, referees

All these futures, just out of reach

Of these innocent people just trying to teach

Their children to grow up and go to school

Go to their neighbour’s house, swim in the pool

Like any other person, with similar potential

But the governments say no, their reason: confidential

It’s not just a secret you can keep from the people

But, a sense of xenophobia, barely legal

It’s a breach of the 2nd human right

Liberty, personal security, a right to life

We’re ignoring this injustice, getting on with our lives

While a family in Syria is struggling to survive

Their young as unhealthy as a wild animal

Rations for the journey, kept to a minimal

Then they board the treacherous ships

Survival as rare as a solar eclipse


Once they get to shore, they imagine safety

But the reality is not so tasty

They’re spat on, scorned and generally disrespected

And, in our society, this is normal, expected

The refugees, whose hopes were so much larger

End up in poverty, life becoming harder

And harder, but they’re made of so much steel

They’re toughened metal, even without the occasional meal

They’re still coming strong, through the flames

Despite the oppression, calling of names

We can’t even begin to imagine what these brave souls go through

It's hard to understand when not everyone loathes you

But the least I could do is spread some awareness

We need to face the facts, even if they scare us

Because there can’t be any wall for xenophobes to hide behind

We’ll learn to love, care, welcome, be kind

If this goal is reached, then lives will be saved

A new path for refugees will be paved