Remembrance Service

Mrs Cramp, Charities Coordinator

13th November 2023

On Friday 10th November, Solefield held a Remembrance Service, led by our Year 8 pupils. During the service, Year 8 read us 'For the Fallen' by Robert Laurence Binyon, 'Rogue Bouquet' by Joyce Kilmer and 'The Soldier' by Rupert Brooke. We then held 2 minutes silence to think about those who have fallen, which was followed by 'The Last Post'. Our pupils made us all very proud, they were respectful and still during the whole service. The Year 8's led a beautiful service and we are very proud of them for doing such a wonderful job in this special time. The pupils stood beautifully and respectfully for the service, making the staff very proud.

Thank you to all boys, parents and staff for their kind donations to The Royal British Legion.