STEM at Solefield – an Introduction

Mr Budden, Director of STEM

3rd December 2021

STEM at Solefield has got off to a flying start since its introduction in September 2021. The subject is a fantastic way for the boys to develop their critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills. All of these are essential in life beyond the boys’ education at Solefield and will set them up well for their lives in senior schools, universities and the workplace.

Boys in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have signed up for an over-subscribed STEM Club in which they have experimented with a variety of topics and materials. The boys have created gyrocopters and bridges; experimented with building towers; challenged themselves with Lego; and designed lunar buggies.

Year 5 and Year 6 have been enjoying their topic on programming Lego robots. Using the Lego Wedo kits, the boys have designed, made and coded their creations to perform specified tasks, whilst working in pairs or small groups. Meanwhile, the Year 7 and Year 8 boys have been looking at the factors involved in wind turbines. Having studied these, they designed and made their own, seeing which prototypes could lift a designated weight. Finally, the scholars have been developing the video editing skills using a variety of different software apps to create trailers for the upcoming Year 7 production.

We have also invested heavily in more equipment for the subject: Lego Spike Prime kits for the Senior boys to use, the latest iPads for use in STEM lessons and solar powered circuitry.

We are continuing to expand our provision at school for the boys, with many exciting additions on the horizon: STEM-based club for Year 3 and Year 4; practical action topics on solving real world problems for Year 5 and Year 6; and the opportunity to work towards awards in all year groups!

An exciting start indeed to this initiative, with much more to come in the future…