Open Door Teaching Week

Mr Budden, Assistant Head

9th February 2024

Solefield teachers have enjoyed an Open Door Week observing and being observed by one another, as an opportunity for to share the excellent practice throughout the school. 

The feedback from teachers has been really positive. Here is a flavour of what the teachers have seen in each other’s lessons:

  • use of paired work was effective in pupils supporting each other’s learning
  • very impressive technical vocabulary used throughout
  • there is clearly a well-established rapport between the teacher and the students
  • the teacher’s questioning prompted detailed and thoughtful answers
  • there was constant feedback provided to the class, providing encouragement and suggestions
  • the pupils were receiving individual attention throughout the lesson
  • pupils all working at their own pace and being mentally challenged
  • the use of yellow on the board is great for a wide range of learners
  • so much positive feedback for the volunteering of ideas/answers
  • the lesson was calm and fun!
  • positive and open atmosphere in the classroom

I hope this gives a great insight into the quality of lessons being delivered and to know our Solefield pupils are being developed, encouraged and well looked after.