Our Unique Scholarship Pathway open to all boys in Years 7 & 8

Helen McClure, Headmistress

25th February 2021

Every year, boys from Solefield gain scholarships to senior schools in Year 6 and Year 8 with a record 50% of pupils gaining these in Year 8 in 2018 and 75% in 2019, including the Tonbridge School top academic award, the Ainslie Scholarship. Solefield is a non-selective school. Nevertheless, our exam results at both 11 and 13 are particularly impressive.

This summer, boys gained scholarships to Dulwich College (Academic), Sutton Valence School (Sport), Trinity School, Croydon (Academic and Music), Worth School (Sport) and King’s School, Rochester (Music). Pupils are supported in applications for scholarships with targeted one-to-one preparation outside of the usual school timetable with subject specialists. Several of our pupils already have academic, music and sport scholarships under their belts this year as they head off to senior school and it is only February!  

At Solefield, we have an all-inclusive Scholarship Pathway enjoyed by all our pupils in Years 7 & 8. Our unique programme allows boys to demonstrate and develop their own individual strengths. Each week, boys in Years 7 and 8 spend a whole afternoon nurturing their chosen talent with specialist teachers. Here is what our pupils have to say about each of the Scholarship Pathways:

"One of the reasons I chose the Sports Scholarship Pathway was because I enjoy learning about how to take care of my body. I also enjoy having further in-depth knowledge of the different sports we do. I’d say everyone in the group loves going to the gym and learning how to lift weights. I also like Sports Scholarship because we learn about inspiring people and learn new techniques".

"I find the Drama Scholarship fun as I can work on scenes with my friends and rehearse plays. I find this helps me. Another reason for it being fun is that we get to film comedy and work with the Year 7s in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. It is really enjoyable and exciting when you get all your lines right. It is such a brilliant scholarship for me and when I get a main part it makes me feel so happy and excited. You can practise your creativity by working on small scenes and putting a twist on famous plays".

"I chose the Art Scholarship because I enjoy it and because I want to improve in this subject. Last year we prepared extra art work to display in the Solefield Art Exhibition. In the past we have looked at animals and their natural shape and then tried to re-create them through sculpture. Overall Art Scholarship is fun and I am looking forward to the work ahead this year".

"I have chosen to go down the Music Scholarship Pathway because I enjoy playing music and I get the opportunity in those sessions to practise my piano and guitar pieces. We also write songs and I also like to make music in recording studios and share it with my family. If there is something that I need to improve, like music theory, I can take this time to work on it, practise theory papers and then go through them together. I am passionate about Music Scholarship as it makes me feel happy".

"I chose the Academic Scholarship because I was fascinated and intrigued about learning in a different way, different from my other subjects. So far this year I have enjoyed it immensely. I like learning through creativity and design because it lets you express your ideas and brings them to life. I also like how adaptable it can be and how you can tailor it to your interests. I am also forced to think outside the box. Every time I go to the lesson I learn something new. I can properly challenge myself whilst doing what I enjoy".

At Solefield, our boys have the freedom to mature as individuals. Parents have the opportunity to watch their sons develop their talents under the watchful, supportive tutelage of dedicated and expert teachers.

Helen McClure