Solefield - Qualities for Life

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

7th July 2022

Many years ago, when working in a big senior school, Solefield School came to my attention. We had a handful of boys who joined us every year from Solefield and my colleagues and I all vied to have them in our form as they had a special undefinable quality; they were unfailingly kind, always happy to do their best and confident in their own skin. A few years later when I was looking for a fresh perspective on Teaching and Learning, the advert for a post at Solefield jumped out at me from the newspaper and I arrived at the door of Solefield School for an interview. This was solely because of the old boys of the school I had the pleasure to teach in the past. They were very fine ambassadors for the kind of pupil Solefield creates and for everything that Solefield is as a school.

What is it that encapsulates that Solefield quality?

Solefield is a happy, caring school where kindness is paramount. Pupils and staff are team players and show each other respect and courtesy without regimentation. Parents also contribute to this intangible quality with their enormous support and input into school life as does the beautiful catchment area. Staff too have been carefully selected to fit the school’s ethos and are extremely hardworking and dedicated. The size of the school means that it genuinely has a family feel where all members of the community know each other. But mostly, it has to be the boys. The pupils throughout the school exemplify the qualities of a true Solefield boy - loyalty, kindness and resilience as reflected in our school values of "Value yourself. Value others. Value our world".

To all those moving on from Solefield at the end of this term, you will always leave your mark on this school in the learning and growing you have done here, friends you have made and memories you have created for others. Thank you for the part you have played in our happy community. You take with you our very best wishes for the future and the special qualities that will always make you a “Solefield boy”.