Why are clubs important at Solefield School?

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

13th October 2022

With over 40 clubs and organisations on offer each term, Solefield pupils have a diverse and extensive set of opportunities to enrich their lives and learn through experience. Choirs, Chess, Tennis, Swimming, Dance and Drama are all on offer, amongst many, many more......... 

Extracurricular activities are not an extra in our school. They are an integral part of the programme our school offers 

At Solefield, life outside the classroom is marked by energy, exploration, and community.   Solefield believes that creativity and self-discovery are important aspects of the student experience, and these clubs and other activities are a great way to find new interests or develop existing ones. 

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the school's offerings. Solid academics, a variety of sports and an assortment of extracurricular activities are essential in our school. We believe that you cannot educate a child solely by teaching academic subjects, there is much more to education than just this. Sport, Music, Drama, Art and a whole host of extracurricular activities allow your child to grow, stimulating him with new ideas and new ways of thinking. They give a sense of accomplishment and build confidence and appeal to different parts of the brain. They teach tolerance and encourage teamwork. These are all excellent lessons which pupils need to learn to be a successful adult. 

Our dedicated and caring staff all offer extracurricular activities. Children learn by seeing their teachers involved in something other than teaching in a classroom. That brilliant teacher who was explaining the intricacies of Maths earlier in the day makes a quite different impression when your child sees him showing the STEM Club members how to improve their design or takes them on an activity holiday trip to the Isle of Wight. The benefits for your child for are enormous. He gets to participate in an activity which is guided and directed by an adult who is enthusiastic about the activity. That adult is often also one of his teachers. He has the opportunity to see teachers outside of the classroom setting. Learning and having fun are a great combination. Having inspiring role models shapes a young person's attitudes and builds self-esteem. These activities make the school what it is. Our young people grow in independence and resilience from our many clubs and trips. Residential trip form part of our pupils’ overall learning experience from Year 5 upwards. 

The integration of academics with extracurricular activities and with athletics will achieve that all-important goal of educating the whole child. Encourage your son to take up a new club, instrument or sport; he will not regret it.