Charlie in the movie 'Matilda the Musical'

25th November 2022

Our very own Charlie B, 6F appears in the new movie, 'Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical', which is due to be released in cinemas today, Friday 25th November!

We caught up with Charlie about this experience: 

* Did you meet any famous people?

No I didn’t but my friend who I was in the movie with, got to meet Emma Thompson.

* How did you get this role in Matilda?

I have an agent and they put me forward for an audition. As I do a lot of ballet and dancing, I got the job!

* Tell us about the actual filming, what was it like?

It took six weeks. The main characters were filming for a year. We filmed in a massive warehouse which was all painted yellow. It was very strange.

* Did you get paid?

I did, but not very much! I did get a free lunch each day though.

Charlie's mother tells us where we can spot Charlie, following them watching the cast and crew screening:

"You can clearly see Charlie in the first 'Miracle' scene. This is the scene when Matilda is a baby. There is a circular cake structure with children dancing round on each layer and adults and babies at the bottom. Charlie is on the top layer of the circular cake structure dancing round, in the school uniform, holding a red balloon and with a red backpack. There is a good close up of Charlie as he releases the balloon. He can also be seen slightly earlier in a bird's eye view looking down but is harder to spot unless you know what you are looking for. Charlie is one of two boys holding a red balloon so makes it easier to find him." 

What an experience Charlie. We can't wait to see it!