Djembe Drumming Workshop

Mrs Cook, Head of French

22nd February 2023

On 20th March we will be celebrating La Francophonie Day. This year we are going to focus on the countries in Africa where French is spoken. We invited Drumming for Drums to our school to demonstrate a traditional African instrument. It was lovely to have Sam visit with his Djembe drums, these drums come from West Africa and feature a lot in culture and music.  

The whole school had a chance to attend a workshop where they learnt how to play different tones on the drum. The boys played some traditional African rhythms and even had boys and teachers up dancing to the beats! We also played a few games and did a drumming ‘Mexican wave’! 

We all got a huge amount from the experience; not just the chance to experience the drums and being in a drum circle, but also gaining a wider music-based knowledge and appreciation of the history of the Djembe. The boys came out of the session smiling and upbeat after a good workout!  

Click on the link below to watch some of the day and incredible dancing!