Solefield Chess Meet with Paddock Wood

Mr Fenning, Director of Music

22nd March 2023

This week the chess team faced off against Paddock Wood Primary in an 11 board match. The standard was high and the matches involved a mixture of boys from years 3,5&6. The team was thrilled to win a total of 9 out of the 11 matches. This really highlighted the progress many boys have made since the two schools last met at the Sevenoaks School regional tournament. 

The boys are now looking forward the the chess camps running this Easter and also the IAPS chess tournament on the 30th and 31st of March.

A huge well done to the following boys:

Board 1: Freddie C. (Y6)
Board 2: Richard K. (Y3)
Board 3: Ben Di. (Y6)
Board 4: Nico D. (Y6)
Board 5: Ben Do. (y6)
Board 6: Jack C. (Y6)
Board 7: Nick W. (Y6)
Board 8: Raefe D. (Y6)
Board 9: Hugo B. (Y6)
Board 10: Felix T. (Y5)
Board 11: Theo D. (Y5)