National Archives Workshop

Mrs Glennon-Cousins, Head of Learning Development

26th April 2023

The Year 4 boys were very lucky to have a virtual workshop with The National Archives and Westminster Abbey this week.

They learnt all about the history of coronations. They found out that there has been 38 coronations at Westminster Abbey since 1066 and had a virtual tour through the Great West door that King Charles III will be walking through next Saturday.

The boys were also historical detectives looking at different sources about previous coronations (Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II), and asked some excellent questions, such as how many boxes of documents are stored at The National Archives...there are over 12,000,000!

They also found out more about the crown jewels and the all important question about how much they might be worth...priceless, of course! It was a brilliant introduction ahead of the King's coronation next weekend and the boys are looking forward to the coronation lunch that we will be having on Friday to celebrate this special occasion. 

Year 4 are doing a Coronation assembly next week to share this learning with the school.