Mental Health Awareness Week

Mrs Koheji, Head of Art

18th May 2023

This week, we celebrated Mental Health Awareness week at Solefield. The aim of the week was to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce stigma. This year the theme was 'anxiety'.

We marked the week by exploring this theme in a number of ways. These included students discussing anxiety in their wellbeing and RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education) lessons. Students have also created art works, poems and stop-motion videos to share ways to express their worries as well as exploring strategies to overcome anxiety. Jake, in year 5, created a fantastic 'worry wall' (pictured above) to help his fellow pupils - great work Jake! 

Last year our school counsellor Jess Butler gave a talk about anxiety for parents; 'Understanding Anxiety in Children and How to Support them.' This is still available to watch on our school website here

Parents may also like to look at the Parenting Smart website for further resources regarding supporting your child with anxiety, as well as many other topics.