Prize Giving Celebration

30th June 2023

This year we gathered in a stunning marquee on our playground for our 75th Anniversary year to celebrate our end of year Prize Giving. 

Mrs McClure spoke of the "gentle, kind and high achieving atmosphere" we have at Solefield and our record achievements this year, in 11+, 13+, scholarships, sport, music, art, drama and chess. Miss Hoadley, who taught at Solefield for an impressive 39 years, gave out the awards to all prize winners; Mrs McClure shared about the time Princess Diana came to visit Sevenoaks in 1987 and met the Solefield boys and staff. Princess Diana spoke to Miss Hoadley and said, "I knew that your little boys would love seeing the helicopter, because William and Harry love it too!"   

Long standing Solefield teacher and Deputy Head, Keith Palmer, who was at Solefield for an equally impressive 37 years, said to the boys, "Be your own person. It is the difference that you show that marks you out every single time."

It was our Head Boy, Elliot who gave one of the most memorable speeches, saying, "During my 9 years at this school, Solefield has been like a third parent in my life. Solefield has helped to instil values in me that will take me wherever I go. I will forever be a Solefield boy and that is a special and privileged thing to be."

Then, as Elliot celebrated the leavers, he went on to say, "We are the class of 2023. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. Now that this journey is over and we embark on the next chapter of our lives, remember, we have 'got this in the bag' and we can face anything that life throws at us, because, we are Solefield boys." 

Please click on the video below to watch our full prize giving celebration.