Year 8 Post Exam Programme

Oliver Somjee, Year 8

6th July 2023

To start of the post exam programme after the Isle of Wight, we went to Port Lympne Safari Park. There we went on a safari to see different animals from all around the world.

The next day we had a talk about the criminal justice and prison system in England and Wales from Mrs Smith. We then had a film afternoon where we watched Megamind.

The next morning, we had a medical course and planned Race for Life with Mr Parker. The next day at midday we had a workshop on Spanish food and culture lead by Mrs Cook.

The next morning, we had a stone carving workshop from Mrs Koheji husband, Mr Brunt. Later that day we went to Lakeside and played minigolf at Puttshack Mini Golf and then did an Escape Room. The next morning, we went to a massive inflatable obstacle course in the middle of a lake. Later that day we were marshalling race for life, except for Frank who ran it. 

The next week we went paintballing and then helped out with years 3 and 4 athletics practice. The next day we were Teaching Assistants for the day until lunch, helping out in lessons. In the afternoon we made tie-dye t-shirts with Mrs Koheji.

The next day we went on a photography treasure hunt in Knole park. The next day we went bouldering with Mr Fenning in Maidstone. In the afternoon we filmed a music video with Mr Fenning.

On the final day we made a balloon car with Mr Bowden and finished off the post exam programme with a games console afternoon.

Overall, the post exam programme has been a fun end to our time at Solefield after the Common Entrance exams.