'Outfoxed' gains international recognition

by Henry Child

18th July 2023

Congratulations to Henry Child for his latest impressive writing accomplishment. His story ('Outfoxed') has been announced as a commended entry in the international 'Author of Tomorrow' writing competition. Henry has gone from strength to strength as a writer during his time at Solefield School and it wonderful to see him gain international recognition. What a talented young writer!

You can read his story below:


It was a gusty day in the woods of British Columbia. I stared at the lush floor looking for an insect to start my day of hunting. Swiftly, a goose glided through the crisp, morning air. It was a sunny-yet-cold morning, with the sun staring down at the vast lake, forcing it to glimmer. I started to wander at a mild speed into the thick of the trees to finish my breakfast. A bush shuddered. I pounced. No luck. The tip of a rabbit’s ear poked round the corner of a conifer’s chocolate-brown trunk. The chase began. I quickly caught up to my prey. It seemed to deliberately stop for me. Its spherical shaped tail shook from side-to-side, a taunt. Heart racing, I darted after my rude victim. As we reached the edge of the woods at great speed, I made out the roar of a Grizzly Bear. We were now at the banks of a lake. This was it, my prey (conscious of the fact it was pinned to the lake) made the unthinkable move of leaping to a large piece of driftwood. I was committed to get my breakfast though, so I fought every instinct in my body and decided I was not going to give up.

I closely followed the rabbit sat on the driftwood by stalking on the banks of the lake. The rabbit was running out of time, as the piece of driftwood reached the perimeter of the lake and I stood there- ready for breakfast. A wave of pristine, azure water brought my prey’s makeshift boat back onto land. Leaping forward, I thought this was the end of the hunt. In the blink of an eye, the rabbit leapt over my slender body towards a stream that was swarmed with salmon. As we raced towards it, I noticed something... a bear! I slowed down as I realised that this was a place I didn’t want to be. Edging away, I observed that my prey had managed to cross the steam without the gargantuan bear noticing, I however, was not so lucky. I had attempted to cross the stream, but the bear gave chase and now I was the one in danger.

Weaving past trees, I tried to lose the bear by fitting through small gaps, but it was too destructive and demolished all potential hiding places. The bear was low on energy from feeding on salmon because I was slowly achieving a lead and eventually, I had lost the bear. While I was on high alert, I noticed a familiar smell... the rabbit! I followed the scent through the woods, and I approached slowly (trying not to scare my breakfast). Eventually, I had alerted the rabbit of my presence, but I had him pinned to a rock so finally I could sink my teeth into a meal. I lunged in for the kill, but the rabbit had assembled a trap. I turned around and I saw the bear ready to eat again...