Solefield School does it again!

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

20th October 2023

Solefield School’s academic and pastoral reputation in Sevenoaks is exceptional. The 11+ (Kent Test) results have just been released and Solefield is celebrating another 95% pass rate as well as, once again this year, 100% for those pupils who started with us in Reception. 

The maximum mark possible was 423. Two Solefield pupils achieved completely full marks and 30% achieved 390 or higher. 

Of the 17 Solefield pupils who passed the 11+, the average score was 380: this is 48 points higher than the minimum score needed for a grammar school place in Kent. This is another Solefield record.  

We are very excited about extending this excellent educational provision to our new mixed pre-school (age 3+) and to girls who will begin their journey with us in Reception through to Year 3 from January 2024. 

Solefield feeds some of the best grammar schools in the country and some truly outstanding independent senior schools, with pupils leaving us at both age 11 and 13. The way we do this is unique to us as we are a non-selective school, and proud of this. No tears, no hot-housing, no shouting: happy, gentle, well-rounded pupils and kind, expert, dedicated staff. So how do we manage it? 

Come to our Open Day on 11th November to find out more.