PE at Solefield School

Mr Jankowski, Head of PE

1st December 2023

As well as our pupils having two sports and games sessions each week, we have a varied and full timetable of Physical Education (PE) at Solefield School. We are delighted to have Mr Jankowski, a very experienced and highly qualified coach, who holds a Masters in Physical & Health Education, as our Head of PE, with Mr Cramp as Director of Sport and both are ably supported by Mr Nagy.

A wonderful new addition to our coaching staff is Miss Adams who is leading Year 3 PE.

We have started with basketball where we are improving our skills in preparation for the IAPS national tournament in March. We have swiftly moved into hockey, working on hand-eye coordination, the safe use of the hockey stick and game related scenarios.

During colder and wet days, we have the opportunity to be move inside the sports hall and roll out the mats for gymnastics. Dance is one of the new topics added to an already broad Solefield PE curriculum, followed by athletics. We will finish our PE lessons on the topic of ball skills, improving skills like throwing, catching, bouncing, dribbling balls with different shapes and sizes.

Lessons are complemented by many in-house clubs run by our Solefield staff.

Pupils love the lessons and seem to enjoy all the activities prepared by the teachers. As a department we look forward to focusing on improving childrens' individual skill that will translate to a whole school sporting success.