Little Acorns News - 02.02.24

Mrs McKeating, Little Acorns Preschool

2nd February 2024

Welcome to our Little Acorns weekly news. We hope you enjoy hearing all about what your wonderful children have been up to!


Well done to Ottilie and Elisabetta for achieving their resilience awards this week. You have both worked so hard to become more independent with dressing yourselves and we are very proud of you!   






Book of the week

This week we have been reading Handa's Hen by Eileen Browne. Most of the children were familiar with Handa's Suprise so it was fun to meet the two characters, Handa and Akeyo again. The book revolves around all the animals the girls meet along the way while looking for Handa's hen, Mondi. It afforded us some great opportunities to practice our counting and to learn about some animals we had not heard of before. The story got Samuel's seal of approval who declared 'That's so cute!' the first time we read it.

Quote of the Week

This comes from Ottilie who while playing with the small world ducks announced 'Mummy duck is going to London to have her breakfast, she's having Tuna Pie!' - We hope she enjoyed it Ottilie! 

Focus of the week - Maths 

Our learning focus in Maths this week has been 3D shapes. Children of this age learn best through hands on experiences so on Monday, we introduced the children to a set of large 3D shapes. This enabled them to hold, feel, roll and build with the shapes while talking through their names and properties. They particularly enjoyed building towers and seeing for themselves which ones could be stacked and balanced. There was much excitement when they managed to balance the sphere at the very top! 

Later in the week, armed with pencils and tick sheets, we set off on a shape walk around the school. We had so much fun exploring and found lots of shapes to mark off our lists. We even got some help from Mrs McClure and the Year 8 boys! It was a great opportunity to take our learning outside the classroom and give everyone a leg stretch! Kristine said on our return 'That was so much fun!'. 

Perhaps you could ask your Little Acorn how many shapes they can spot at home! 

We're going on a dinosaur hunt! 

We loved joining the rest of pre-prep for Outdoor Learning on Monday. Despite the rather gloomy weather, going for a stomp in Knole Park and getting some fresh air brightened everyone's day. While we were there, we joined into groups with the older children to build dens for some cheeky dinosaurs who had stowed away in Mrs Cramp's rucksack! There was just time for a story and a biscuit before heading back to school. The children showed wonderful teamwork and resilience in an unfamiliar environment, we are so happy this is going to be a regular part of their timetable and learning from now on. 

Something to look forward to...

Next week we will be taking part in some activities to celebrate the forthcoming Chinese New Year. 


  • We are adding lots more posts to the Little Acorns Tapestry account so please remember to keep checking back! 
  • In advance of Little Acorn's starting swimming on Fridays after half term, please could you let us know what (if any) swimming experience your child has. Drop Mr Coston an email or speak to us on the door. 
  • Please could all children have a water bottle in school for snack and lunchtimes. 
  • If your Little Acorn comes to school on a Monday, please ensure they have wellies and suitable warm clothing for Outdoor Learning. We aim to get out whatever the weather!