Little Acorns News 01.03.24

Mrs McKeating, Little Acorns

1st March 2024

Despite the rain, we have been celebrating the beginnings of Spring in Little Acorns this week! Please do take a moment to enjoy the children’s beautiful blossom trees on display in the classroom.


Well done to Kristine for achieving a resilience award this week. We were so impressed with how you managed to put your own seatbelt on in the minibus and we are very proud of you!

We have also loved seeing Elisabetta and Harriet’s dinosaur projects. Well done girls, you have worked so hard!

Book of the week

This week we have been reading ‘Mama, is it summer yet?’ by Nikki McClure. It is only a short book but the children have really enjoyed becoming familiar with the repeating phrases and noticing the subtle changes in the illustrations as the seasons emerge. The children were able to describe the story to me and pick out their favourite page by the end of the week – all great early literacy skills!

Quote of the Week

Our quote of the week comes from George! When I asked George what his favourite animal was, he replied ‘Zebras, because they are really fast and they don’t get trapped in prison!’.

Focus of the week

As part of our topic on Spring, this week we have been focussed on flowers! The children have loved playing in our new florists home corner, we have never received so many bouquets! On Thursday we planted some sunflower seeds and broad beans (which all the children will get the chance to do). It was great to watch the children get their hands dirty and take part in all the steps of the process.

There are so many important life skills to learn from caring for other living things, not least patience and we are looking forward to watching the seeds grow over the next few weeks.

You might also notice some jars of daffodils on the tables in the classroom, all lovingly arranged by your children!

Something to look forward to...

We are so very excited about the arrival of our ducklings (eggs at first!) and can’t wait to watch them hatch!


* Book week – If the children would like to dress up as a Harry Potter character on Tuesday they are more than welcome. Equally, home clothes or uniform is perfectly fine. Whatever they feel most comfortable in!

Book donations – Please send a preloved book (in good condition) in to school on Tuesday to donate to the ABC Book Club. They are a fantastic charity who supply books to schools in need.

* Tapestry - We are adding lots more posts to the Little Acorns Tapestry account so please remember to keep checking back! We would also love it if you wanted to add any pictures or comments about what the children have been up to at home.

* Water bottle - Please could all children have a water bottle in school for snack and lunchtimes.