Little Acorns News - 08.03.24

Mrs McKeating, Little Acorns Preschool

8th March 2024

From start to finish it has been an action packed week in Little Acorns! Quidditch Day, meeting the ducklings and preparing for Mothers’ Day tea have all kept us busy, we hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to!


The children have absolutely loved seeing our little ducklings this week, both on the ‘duck-cam’ and in person. We spent a very special morning on Thursday getting to know the first three to have hatched and it was a delight to see the joy on the children’s faces when they were able to hold them. They will be here a little while longer so we will have more opportunity for some cuddles!

Book of the week

This week we have been reading ‘Where Happiness Lives’ by Barry Timms. It is a beautifully illustrated story about three little mice learning the importance of love and friendship over the material things in life. It has led to some very sweet discussions about who is special in the children's lives and has been a great introduction to the power of gratitude in our mental wellbeing. 'If you love what you have, you have what you need.’

Our quote of the week

Whilst we were doing gymnastics on Wednesday, Anselm came up to me and said ‘Mrs McKeating, if you keep trying and trying, you’ll get better at it!’. Well done Anselm, what great advice.

Focus of the week

Practice makes perfect! Over the last few weeks, the children have been working on their balance and strength in PE. This has been done in a whole host of ways, from musical statues, to swinging on the ropes, to balancing on the peanuts This week it was an absolute pleasure to watch the children so confidently using the equipment and completing the various ‘stations’ independently - tasks which just a couple of weeks ago would have caused a lot of wobbles! Of course all of this has been done with a healthy dose of fun, usually in the form of our accompanying music. If you aren’t familiar with the track ‘Crab Rave’ you are in for a treat...!

Something to look forward to...

On Thursday we are going to have a very special workshop with Professor Bubbles!


* Race for Life - The Solefield Race for Life, will take place on Friday 15th March at 2.30pm at West Heath School. Parents as well as pupils are invited to take part in this incredibly worthwhile event. Please see the email from 27th February for more details.

* Please could you return any school library books that might be hiding at home before the end of term.

* We are adding lots more posts to the Little Acorns Tapestry account so please remember to keep checking back! We would also love it if you wanted to add any pictures or comments about what the children have been up to at home.

* Please could all children have a water bottle in school for snack and lunchtimes.