Little Acorns News 26.04.24

Emma McKeating

26th April 2024

It has been a busy first full week back in Little Acorns. We have jumped like kangaroos, built dens in the woods, made pizzas with playdoh, learnt all about shipping containers, counted in French, practiced mindful eating and much, much more! We wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Book of the week

This week we have been reading Special Delivery by Polly Faber. It tells the story of a book, travelling all the way from the factory where it is printed, to a little boy's front door. The children really engaged with the journey and all the different modes of transport used, and hopefully it sparked some curiosity and appreciation about how all those brown cardboard packages get to our homes!

Our quote of the week 

This comes from Callum ‘A volcano has lava in it, lava is a kind of fire! It is very hot. I saw a volcano in was called Giant Volcano!’

Focus of the week – Maths

This week in maths we have been looking at simple patterns, which is a key early skill in reasoning and problem solving. In order to keep this fun, and challenging for the children, we have presented the concept in a variety of ways, many of which also offer the opportunity to develop other crucial skills such as pencil control, dexterity and resilience. The children have been busy threading with beads, painting and printing in repeating patterns and reproducing patterns from printed cards. It has been fantastic to see the children really focussing to complete the task, but also noticing when corrections need to be made – an essential part of the process.

We can only apologise if your child is a little bouncier than usual, we had a very entertaining PE lesson jumping like kangaroos from spot to spot, and even over mini hurdles, all rounded off with a game of ‘Can you catch Mr Nagy like a kangaroo’. Mrs McClure even came out of her study to see what all the laughter was about!


Something to look forward to...

Next week we will be going behind the scenes in the kitchen to do some cooking!


*Please could the children who have reading records bring them in their bags each day. We will have them for the new starters shortly.

*We are adding lots more posts to the Little Acorns Tapestry account so please remember to keep checking back!

*Please could all children have a water bottle in school for snack and lunchtimes.

*Please feel free to send additional snack in for your child if you feel they get hungry in the afternoons.

*If your Little Acorn comes to school on a Monday, please ensure they have wellies and suitable warm clothing for Outdoor Learning. We aim to get out whatever the weather!