Little Acorns News 03.05.24

Emma McKeating

3rd May 2024

Welcome to this week's Little Acorns news, we hope you enjoy hearing all about what your wonderful children have been up to! We would like to wish you all a very happy long weekend, please do pop a note or some pictures on Tapestry if there is anything your child would like to share at school. 


Many congratulations to Matilda and Samuel who both received resilience awards this week! Matilda for showing great independence doing up her zip, and Samuel for demonstrating amazing perseverance at swimming. We are so proud of you both! 

Focus of the week 

Our focus for this week comes from the book we have been reading ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ By Carol McCloud. The book centres around the idea that everyone has an invisible bucket. We can all work to fill our own, and other people's buckets, with kind words or deeds. However, you can also 'dip into' other people's buckets with unkind words or actions, this then also dips into your own bucket. When your bucket is full, you feel good and when your bucket is empty you feel sad. 

It is a really wonderful, yet simple way of empowering the children to take some responsibility over their own and other peoples happiness.  We have had some very sweet discussions about what fills their buckets which in turn gave rise to the new wall display you will see in the classroom. This includes both beautiful artwork but also great examples of the phonics work we have been doing with some children sounding out and writing simple CVC words. We ended the week with the children telling me the story which really demonstrated how much they had taken the concept on board. Please do encourage your child to continue with their 'bucket filling', it could be something as simple as saying hello to Mr Smeeth when they cross the road to school in the morning, or giving one of the wellbeing dogs a pat - they have buckets too! 

Our quote of the week

This comes from some of the wonderful responses the children gave to the question ‘What fills your bucket?’ 

Alex ‘Chicken wraps!’ 

George ‘Having sausages’ 

Anselm ‘Giving Mummy a hug when she gets home from London’ 

Harriet ‘Having a hug with Nonna’       

Something to look forward to...

We are all very excited about our trip to Riverhill on Tuesday 7th May. Please see last week's bulletin for further details. 


*In hopeful anticipation of some more sunny weather, please send a sun hat in to school so we can enjoy being outside as much as possible. 

*We are adding lots more posts to the Little Acorns Tapestry account so please remember to keep checking back! 

*Please could all children have a water bottle in school for snack and lunchtimes. 

*If your Little Acorn comes to school on a Monday, please ensure they have wellies and suitable warm clothing for Outdoor Learning. We aim to get out whatever the weather!