Sport Provision

Mr Parker, Director of Sport

22nd January 2021

The Sport Department has been busy developing our home learning programme for Games & PE. The boys have been experiencing a mixture of fitness, theoretical and skill based lessons. The first two weeks saw us focus on our Health & Fitness project; boys had to set themselves fitness targets to try and reach by the end of the first two weeks. The boys enjoyed physical training with their teachers and parents also got involved with this fun programme. We have now moved onto our class option lessons. The boys in Years 5-8 are now offered a choice of different lessons to attend during their games sessions with different members of staff. The choices include either a skill-based lesson, strength & conditioning or cardio workout. So far this week we have offered the following:

* Football sessions
* Rugby skills
* Basketball training
* Cricket skills
* Baked Beans Can Workout 
* Les Mills Body Attack
* Wolf Workout
* Chess

The Games & PE programme will continue to develop throughout this period of virtual learning.