‘Unsolved’ – Mini Sagas from Y6 & 7 writers

Mrs Snow, Head of English

27th May 2021

Please help us decide who wins!

The boys have entered the Young Writers ‘Unsolved’ competition and we are hoping to have many of their mini sagas published next term. For those of you who don’t already know what a ‘mini saga’ is, it is a story challenge where you have to try to engage a reader within a limited amount of words (in this case 100 words – not counting the title).

So, have they managed it?

Please rate the work of one or more of our classes and the writers with the highest ratings will win our own in-house competition. They will be awarded a £10 Amazon voucher and a Headmistress Award.

Voting is open for boys Year 4 and above due to the nature of the content. It may help if the parents of younger boys (Years 4-5) read the mini sagas and do the rating together.

Which ones hook you the most? Please have that as your main criteria when rating the stories.

The winners will be announced in the next edition of The Acorn.

Click on these links to read and vote:

7P Unsolved Mystery Saga

6H1 Unsolved Mystery Saga 

6H2 Unsolved Mystery Saga