Prizegiving for Leavers

Mrs McClure, Headmistress

7th July 2021

The final prizegiving was a real celebration to end the time at Solefield for all our Leavers. Both services for Year 6 and Year 8 were live streamed for all other boys and parents to watch at home.  

We started a new tradition where Old Boys come along to tell the pupils about their adventures since leaving Solefield. This year, we had a recorded message from James Tuhey who left Solefield in 1995 and is now a Commander in the Navy. Please click here to watch his message. Our Head Boy Finlay gave an incredibly moving speech for us all too. Thank you Finlay.

We will miss all our leaving boys. I truly believe that we all leave imprints on one another as we pass through life - every contact leaves a trace. James Tuhey mentions the effect that the teachers at Solefield have had on his whole life, in moulding, encouraging and inspiring him and he also says that he is still best friends with men he first met at Solefield ‘in shorts’. His parents are still firm friends with their parents. This is what I wish for all our leavers; that the lessons, friendships, kindness and happiness you have had at Solefield may stay with you always. You will always be ‘Solefield boys’. Please click here to view our latest scholarships and results, as well as leaving destinations of our pupils.

“Not only were we immensely proud today, but we will be eternally grateful for all the Solefield family has done to bring out the very best in our son over the last 9 years. You see, because of everything Solefield has done, he’s not a ‘boy’ any more. Today our son graduated into a young man, and one that is loved and thought of affectionately by all around him. Thank you Solefield.” Year 8 Parent 

“Solefield has been a pivotal and crucial stage in our son’s education and although we are excited for his next chapter, we all feel sad to leave.  Our experience has been of a wonderful school that I can honestly say has changed our son’s life. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.” Year 6 Parent