Thank you from South Africa

Maria Sandler, parent

9th February 2023

Last year, Solefield parents donated clothes to a school in South Africa. Our Solefield Parents' Association (SPA) also kindly donated duffle coats and shoes to this very worthy cause.

Parent, Maria Sandler and friends started an initiative where they send items to Pretoria which are redistributed to schools, orphanages and people in the community where there is need. 

This is the message from one of the schools, Mrs Sandler asked us to share:

"We would like to thank you for the generous donation of jackets we have received for the learners of PT Sanders Combined School.

Some of these learners live in shacks (informal corrugated iron structures) or houses where there is no glass or covers in the window panes. We can therefore almost guarantee that some of these jackets won't even be taken off when the learners go to bed. 

Please give our thanks to all the parents and learners who have made these donations."

And here is a previous message from a volunteer in the orphanage in South Africa:

"This morning I got a box of toys and clothes that someone from England had sent from over 10,000km away for children they do not know. I was made excited again like a child about life by a box full of toys and clothes. Thank you."

Below are some of the children in the shoes. You can read more about the donations here.